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About OUR Crew

The Spirit

The crew really revolves around having fun while camping, hiking and once a year taking a high adventure (HA) trip.  Did I mention that this is an all-girls crew?  Not that they don’t like boys, but this crew keeps it simple, just girls. The monthly tasks often involve preparing for the next campout or HA trip, learning more about how to prepare to camp and hike safely and sometimes on BSA advancement.  But usually is all about an unusual bunch of girls that get together and have fun.

This is truly a girl led crew.  The adults try really hard to sit back and allow the young ladies to learn how to plan and run the events.  This makes for a great opportunity for the girls to get some opportunities to learn more about leadership. That said, there is always at least one BSA trained adult (usually two) and always one or more female adults, and usually one or more male adult on the trips.

What we’ve done

If you like to hike and camp (or don’t know, but think you might…) you’re at the right place.  Monthly campouts have mainly centered on adventures in MN State Parks. We have rock climbed at Interstate SP (Taylors Falls), backpacked at Gooseberry Falls, practiced orienteering at Nerstrand Woods SP, canoed on the St. Croix River at St. Croix SP and Wild River SP. We’ve learned winter camping skills at Afton SP, and explored the caves at a private area in southern Minnesota.

On high adventure trips over the past seven years the crew has hiked The Bob Marshall Wilderness (the Bob), canoed Quetico Provincial Park, hiked the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan, climbed Angels Landing in Zion National Park, sailed the Apostle Islands, backpacked in Isle Royale National Park and hiked rim to rim in the Grand Canyon.  We usually go shooting at the Waverly Gun club (on ladies night) most every year…  There is a lot more, but in any case, just join us on a Monday night meeting

The Mechanics

The Crew meets at 7 pm on most Monday’s at Pax Christi Catholic Community.  The crew members are not required to attend all or any particular number of Monday night meetings.  There is a core crew that makes it most Mondays, but we love it when new people join or when long lost members return.

Learn more

BSA =                   Boy Scouts of America

Venture Crew =    A type of group like a Boy Scout Troop, but that allows girls and boys and often focuses on a narrower range of activities.